mmmg & loops


Composed, Produced, Engineered at Psycotic Freaks Zoo Studios by MMMG

Recorded, Mixed by Claudio Barborini December 1999-May 2000

This music was recorded (& mixed) using Sony multitrack.

MM plays: Manne electric guitar, Randall amplifier,

Lexicon jamman-Digithec rp6-Korg a3-Roland

gr09 processors. MG plays: Tama drums,

Tamburo & Ludwing snares,Remo

rototom, Tama octoban, Zildjian -

Sabian &Paiste cymbals,

Rhythm Tech chimes

Cover by Karen Thole

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There are no other instruments except Drums and Guitar on this  recording, so  if you  don't  recognise a  sound,  just assume that it's a guitar .

It is suggested  that  you  listen  to  this  with  headphones, the lights turned off and in silence

Relax please Relax